Whatever your project,we have the right sander for the right job.

我们很重视砂光。Whatever project you're working on,我们为您提供了保障-从重型库存中移除,抛光,to drywall,to finishing custom profiles.

  • rotex sanders

    ROTEX sanders

    The multifunctional ROTEX epitomizes the strength of the 威廉希尔中文网站Festool system.Move from aggressive material removal to fine sanding to polishing with the push of a button.Characteristically,威廉希尔中文网站Festool has gone to great lengths to design sanders,accessories,and abrasives that work seamlessly as a system,resulting in nearly dust-free operation,低振动,longer service life,and,当然,an immaculate surface.

  • 随机轨道砂光机

    ETS Random Orbit Sanders

    Ideal for fine finishing我们的ETS随机轨道砂光机是优越的工具。它们很容易抓握和使用,而喷流式除尘器可以让您的表面保持清洁,并使护垫的使用寿命更长。从使用紧凑的单手工具进行预砂到在特殊应用中实现超精细表面处理,sanding becomes part of the job you can actually look forward to.

  • 轨道砂光机三角洲

    Orbital sanders

    角,edge,and large surfaces.With 威廉希尔中文网站Festool orbital sanders,加工的局限性几乎消失了。角。Edges.Areas large and small.在完全组装好的工件上,均匀打磨相邻表面。没什么不可能的。Each features integrated dust extraction,用于快速更换磨料的Stickfix®垫,和vibration-stopping平衡设计。

  • 专用砂光机


    For all of your unique projects.If remodeling,绘画,and drywall were always easy,你不需要像这样的工具。在现实工作环境中,大多数工作都面临着意想不到的挑战。Specialty sanders from 威廉希尔中文网站Festool bring our system's efficiency and performance to the most difficult spaces and shapes.One look at the innovative PLANEX is enough to see how far our designs reach into new territory.The originality extends across a broad range of applications — from aggressive stripping to sanding corners to finishing linear profiles.

  • cordless sanders

    Cordless Sanders

    当灵活性很重要时。威廉希尔中文网站Festool无绳紧凑型砂光机凭借18伏电池组和无刷EC-TEC电机,具有去除大量材料和优异耐久性的能力。重量轻,重心最佳,they guarantee comfortable cordless work.Thanks to Plug-It mains adapters,they can be converted into mains-powered machines quickly and easily for continuous electrical operation.简而言之,RTSC 400,DTSC 400,and ETSC 125 are truly professional sanders – with or without a cord.

  • brushless sanders


    减少停机时间,less lifetime cost.EC-TEC®无刷电机为PAD提供更多电力,with a higher degree of efficiency and lower replacement costs,所以没有停机更换刷子。

Available 威廉希尔中文网站Festool Sanders

Purpose 焊盘形状 焊盘直径 Stroke Size Brushless Motor? Cordless?

ROTEX Multi-Mode Sanders

RO 90 FEQ 粗砂,finishing,抛光 3.5" (90 mm) 1/8英寸(3毫米)
RO 125 FEQ 粗砂,finishing,抛光
5英寸(125毫米) 9/64英寸(3.6毫米)
RO 150 FEQ 粗砂,finishing,抛光
6英寸(150毫米) 3/16英寸(5毫米)

Random Orbital Sanders

ETS EC 125/3情商 Finishing
6英寸(150毫米) 1/8英寸(3毫米)
ETS EC 150/3 EQ Finishing
6英寸(150毫米) 1/8英寸(3毫米)
ETS EC 150/5 EQ Finishing
6英寸(150毫米) 3/16英寸(5毫米)
ETSC 125 Finishing
5英寸(125毫米) 5/64英寸(2毫米)
ETS 125 REQ Finishing
5英寸(125毫米) 0.079英寸(2毫米)
ETS 150/3 EQ Finishing
6英寸(150毫米) 1/8英寸(3毫米)
ETS 150/5 EQ Finishing
6英寸(150毫米) 3/16英寸(5毫米)


DTSC 400 角落和狭窄空间 - 5/64英寸(2毫米)
RTSC 400 边缘 - 5/64英寸(2毫米)
DTS 400 Req 角落和狭窄空间
- 1/16" (2 mm)
RTS 400请求 边缘 - 1/16" (2 mm)
RS 2 E Fine finishing large surfaces - -


PLANEX easy LHS-E Drywall
8.5" (215 mm) -
普莱克斯 Drywall
8.5" (215 mm) -
RAS 115.04 E Thick varnish/paint removal
4-1/2" (115 mm) -
DUPLEX LS 130 EQ 狂犬病,edges,& profiles
3 5/32" x 5 1/4"
5/32" (4 mm)
Common Questions
  • “我需要哪种类型的垫子?”

    威廉希尔中文网站Festool offers different sanders for different uses.

    • Long-life Soft: Ideal for everyday sanding and heavy-duty applications
    • 坚硬(蓝色)=
    • Super Soft (Grey) = For medium/fine sanding and finishing sanding.额外的柔软度允许磨料浮动以获得更平滑的效果。
  • “我应该买ETS 150/3还是ETS 150/5?”

    The sander stroke will make it faster to sand and to get to a certain point faster.It will not be more aggressive on the sanding.When it comes to differences:

    • 150/3: Smaller orbit of 3mm stroke and it will have a super soft pad installed (softer for contours and super fine finish)-best for small to medium pieces.
    • 150/5: Larger orbit of 5mm stroke,(faster sanding) regular soft pad installed (slightly harder than the previous good overall sanding)-best for medium to large pieces.

    They both will give you the best finish sanding.

  • “我需要磨砂机吗?”

    不。威廉希尔中文网站Festool sanders come ready from the manufacturing facility and do not need time to break in the brushes.

  • “如何防止涡流痕迹?”

    把CT吸尘器的吸力调低。ETS sanders need minimal suction and nothing passed a quarter of the power.Rotex砂光机可以处理更多的吸力,但大多数建议大约一半的吸力到四分之三的全功率。Also,在关闭砂光机之前,务必将砂光机从材料上提起。

  • "What batteries do I need for cordless sanders?"

    威廉希尔中文网站Festool's cordless sanders use a custom 18 V battery pack that is unique to the Festool sanders.It is not the same batteries used for other cordless tools such as the TSC 55,香港交易所55,锡尔斯泰。为什么不呢?重要的是我们要围绕这个工具设计电池,而不是反过来。The existing 18 V batteries would make the batteries significantly unbalances and unergonomic.这些砂光机的质量和性能是不妥协的,这对我们很重要。

  • 无绳砂光机有什么价值?它如何改进您的工作和业务?Knox Revival Paint Co.show how 威廉希尔中文网站Festool's new cordless sanders — the ETSC 125,RTSC 400,和DTSC 400-连同STL400检查灯,使他们的客户更高兴,他们的业务更好。

  • 新的谷粒网非常适合用于打磨产生大量灰尘的材料。这种磨料的开放式网结构能够在整个表面上进行灰尘抽取,从而形成清洁的工作环境。材料去除能力高,使用寿命长。

  • 新型无绳紧凑型轨道砂光机凭借18伏电池组和无刷EC-TEC电机,具有去除大量材料和优异耐久性的能力。重量轻,重心最佳,they guarantee comfortable cordless work.

  • 威廉希尔中文网站Festool is well known for the strength of our sander line and our commitment to ongoing quality improvement.最新一代的DTS和RTS既体现了我们的实力,又提高了质量。



Use the 威廉希尔中文网站Festool abrasive search feature to find all of the available items for your sanders.



格拉纳特是我们最持久、性能最高的磨料,几乎适用于所有应用场合。including bare wood,paints,most modern paint systems,VOC clear coats,塑料材料,固体表面材料,acrylics,和复合材料。硬化氧化铝,Synthetic Resin,Closed Coated.


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